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Neuro-Economics: The Brain-Money-Spending Connection

This is a highly desired two hour talk. Financial Planning Chapters love this talk because Denise explains the core reasons why people make the purchasing decisions they do and the behavioral interventions needed to keep a client’s spending behavior in check. She explains the physiology behind why people buy more at Costco than they planned and the strategies stores use that loosen up our brain chemistry so we open our pocketbooks without a second thought. Because of her background in psychology, coupled with her education and experience in finance, she easily lays out an in-depth understanding of the brain-money-spending connection.

Five Secret Ingredients of the Million Dollar Woman’s Mindset

Maybe you have a favorite recipe and you know just the right ingredients to make a savoring mouth watering dish, right? Well, guess what? Denise knows the ingredients to help you grow your business to the size of your liking. She has worked with and interviewed over 150 women entrepreneurs helping them to grow their business revenues to the million dollar mark. She knows the secret ingredients that capitulate business women into success. This talk is filled with inspirational stories and the necessary ingredients to get you reaching for your dreams and creating a successful business.

Women, Money, and Power

Is your audience ready to support woman in taking off their financial burkas? Why is it that women know their bra size, shoe size, clothing sizes and yet don’t know the amount of money available to them in their checking accounts or how much money it takes to make their lives work well? This talk addresses the core emotional issues women have with their relationship with money. Uncover deep seeded myths of Cinderella’s glass slipper, Snow White’s Prince and the many spells that keep the veil of innocence in place with a woman and her money.

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