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“A book about money for people who don’t love reading about finances!”

“Denise Hughes has provided readers with a practical and insightful guide to move from money anxiety to what I call ‘money harmony.’ Read it, do the simple and powerful exercises, and watch your relationship to money transform from stress to a feeling of peace.”

Olivia Mellan, money coach, psychotherapist, author

“Denise has lived through many of the economic challenges faced by her clients. Reading her book is like a personal counseling session in which she shares practical financial advice in a warm, personal, and empathic way. A wonderful way for people to understand their relationship with their money and make it work in more satisfying ways for them.”

Helga Hayse, author 

Earn, Spend, Save, Give should be required reading for everyone, regardless of age, income level, education, or marital status. Simple, organized, and wise. Denise’s nurturing approach blends seamlessly with her financial savvy to give readers a practical approach to finally making the money part of life  ‘work.’ I’ve read countless books on managing finances and this one surpasses them all.”

B. Michelle Pippin, founder, www.womenwhowow.com and Business Strategist

This book is a “must read” for anyone learning to manage their money, or find themselves out of control, and needing a financial lifeline.  Denise shares her own experiences of getting out of debt with humor and compassion.  The stories she shares create wonderful images and offers hope regardless of your current financial situation.   I felt like we were sitting in her living room, having an intimate conversation about life and money.  

Cathie Orlowski, Event Coordinator Financial Conversations With Heart

I love this book! As a money coach I have used it as a reference in my money mindset course. Denise offers examples from her coaching practice and explains how she came to this work herself. She also includes practical tools. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to create a healthy relationship to money.

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, Money Coach Washington DC

As a clinician I see Denise’s book working at a practical, logical, and nervous system level helping to lower people’s money fears. In this book, Denise helps people identify their financial behaviors and how theses behaviors influence healthy or unhealthy financial decisions. The book is smart, articulate, and practical. People make behavioral changes after reading her book and feel a deep sense of relief, no longer trapped by the anxiety of their money anxiety. As a couple’s therapist I give this book to my clients as a resource to support the couple’s work. Denise’s human and practical approach uncovers the knots that tie relationships up financially and offers sensible steps to loosen up the gridlock. This book is a brilliant resource for everyone and I recommend this book to everyone without hesitation.

Sara Bunce, Psychotherapist


I have known of Denise Hughes’ reputation as a financial coach but have not worked with her personally, so was interested in reading the book. This is not a hefty, academic tome that will scare the heck out of you. The author manages to create a tone that is warm, inviting and nonthreatening. She puts money matters into a context that includes the whole of a person’s life and consciousness – which is much appreciated! But what I like best are the pragmatic suggestions that she offers in the “Toolbox Section”. It is a great combination of changing one’s mindset along with practical guidelines that can be used immediately. Highly recommended!

Randy Kasper, Psychotherapist

Many people who most need financial advice, guidance, and perspective that will allow them to turn it around, are too intimidated to read the average book that addresses these issues. For the fearful, phobic, and anyone feeling that they have made a mess of it…this is a book to love. Denise Hughes has years of experience counseling, coaching and advising others in both money and addictions work, but it’s her big heart and underlying beauty of her spiritual perspective that will help people through their money conflicts. I love this book because it’s accessible while being powerful. This is a book that will ease anxieties, take money shame out of the closet, and help people put their financial lives together in ways that will let them sleep at night.

Lisa Briggs, Intuitivebody.com, Psychotherapist

This book is a work of art! It was enjoyable to read and I kept wanting to read more. I am fascinated by the psychology that the author included behind why we do things or don’t do things. Denise Hughes did a beautiful job of blending strategies, psychology and stories. I can tell that this book took a lot of hard work because it feels effortless and simple. It’s perfect. Well done!

Denise Michaud, Long Term Care Specialist

I really enjoyed this book! It’s much deeper than a typical personal finance book. It explores your relationship with money and attitudes towards money beginning with childhood. It illustrates the ways that money can be a stressor in ways that you don’t often realize.

I love the financial “Vision Board Tool” …it’s easy to read, and gives you simple exercises and tips to move into a state of harmony and abundance with your financial life.

David Dillulo, Global Drum Circle

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