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Denise Interviewed by Melanie McGhee

I had the wonderful pleasure of being interviewed by Melanie McGhee, a deep listener, a lover of rumi, a yogi, and a beautiful soul who helps others to open their hearts, come back to center and to live a life of who they really are.

Melanie says, “I have a foot in two worlds. I am an experienced psychotherapist and coach who specializes in the use spiritual technologies for spiritual and personal evolution. Listening deeply, I help people open their heart and come back to center. In that return to center, my clients learn to live a balanced life and develop a new lens through which to experience their inner world and their outer life.”

This is an interview exploring the relationship between money and yoga and how we can bring the energy of yoga to our money life.

This was a very fun interview for me to do and one of my first. Thank you Melanie my love for this opportunity being with you over this conversation.

And if you want to listen to Melanie’s TED Talk, you can listen here! Her teachings are life changing!

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