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Spiders are everywhere right now and cobwebs I take down one day are built in the same place the following day (those busy little spiders). Some days, I walk right into the web and get my face all twisted up trying to get the sticky web off of me. Oooooh!

Well, the truth be known, I have a similar experience with some of my thinking around money. One day, I think I got the cobwebs all cleaned up in my thinking and the next day, voila…they are there to greet me again.

Well, I’d like to stop getting caught in one particular web of my thinking about earning money. The thinking goes like this, “You got to work hard to earn money.” REALLY? Well, this is a re-occuring web cluttering up my brain and the cells of my body. My “emotional” center believes this even though my brain KNOWS it’s not true. So how do I “un-root” this belief?

A wonderful training, with Olivia Mellon, I recently did helped me up-root this belief. In my training, Olivia introduced me to “money dialogues,”  which is on page 98 of her book, Money Harmony. I thought “hmmmm,” that’s interesting. I have dialogues going on in my head all the time. Well, it is a VERY different process to actually take pen to paper and write the dialogue out…than to be mentally aware the dialogues are going on.

So, here’s to transparency with you, my reader. Just because I’m a money consultant doesn’t mean I have it all figured out. It just means I am constantly working on resolving my own money conflicts, helping others to do the same and celebrating breakthroughs!


About the belief, “You got to work hard to earn money.”


Why do you think you have to work so hard to have me?


It is what I’ve only known to be true about you. That you come through hard work and I don’t want to work harder. I am 55 and want you to come to me differently now. I want you to come effortlessly.


I am easier than you think. All you have to do is to ASK for me more. Invite me in. Get the “hard” out of your mindset. Think “FLOW” like a river NOT “HARD” like a rock. I like it better that way too.


You think you are so smart!


I am smart, so are you. I am here right at your door…now open it with ease


What you are saying doesn’t make sense to me.


No words, just a shake of his head with disapproval.


They (your parents) don’t know me like you do. You KNOW my true nature. They told you lies about me they believed were true. Let the lies go. Now you know me and we can do our own thing…our new song is “flow flow flow!” Stay open to  receiving Denise.

One of the gifts of this dialogue for me, is I’ve taken the wisdom from it and started applying it to my life. I made a vision board of “FLOW.” I am ASKING the Universe to support me in creating my new financial vision.  I am consciously bringing forth a different energy to “earning,” an energy of invitation, softness and open-ness. I FEEL this shift in my body. My nervous system has taken a deep inhale and a full exhale. You can do the same, apply the wisdom from your own money dialogue to your life if you choose. In case you wanted an abbreviated process of Olivia’s money dialogue exercise, it is below.


1. Pretend MONEY is a person. You start or have money start the conversation, whatever feels right for you. Dialogue on a specific part of your relationship. Allow what comes forth to flow and to surprise you. This conversation doesn’t have to be rational.

2. Have your mother’s voice comment on your dialogue. One sentence is good.

3. Have your father comment on your dialogue.

4. Have any other powerful influences comment on your dialogue.

5. Have God, your higher power, the Universe, or your highest self comment on the dialogue.

6. With soft non-judgemental eyes and an open warm heart, read your dialogue out loud to yourself and see if any new awarenesses come into being for you. They did for me.

Second, my business mentor, Michelle Pippin has been supporting me in moving from a “time based” model of earning to a “value based,” model of earning. This has been a BIG shift I’ve wanted to make for about three years and just didn’t know how to do it. Michelle supported me through the thinking of it as well as showed me how it could work (I needed BOTH). I am happy to say the shift is in process! In the last two months, I’ve shifted all of my new clients to a value based model. I am breathing easier. I feel great about it and it FEELS effortless! Olivia and Michelle’s support helped me to breakthrough the belief I was holding…”you got to work hard to earn money.”

See if having a money dialogue will help you to breakthrough the often conflicting internal voices many of us have in our own head. Explore the wisdom that comes forth when you invite in your highest self, the voice of God or your higher power.

OK, on to “receiving” the blessings here! Thank you Olivia! Thank you Michelle! And, thanks to me for being willing to have a breakthrough!

P.S. MONEY DIALOGUES have now been added to other tools I share with clients to uncover their money beliefs!

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