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Abundance is an internal experience of fulfillment, having enough in life, and an appreciation for what is. It is a state of being, a sacred space in which to live and view life. For me, it takes conscious effort to stay and live in this space. Life events, if I let them, can propel me out of this state in nano-seconds and into the space of scarcity.

I wasn’t always a person who experienced abundance. Habits of perfectionism and a heavy critical voice living in my head for years, blocked me from seeing a life of plenty and beauty. Maybe due to age, accessing inner wisdom, my connection to the Divine and staying committed to my own inner work…has changed this.

I am not an expert. I am a seeker of knowledge, one who enjoys living in the mystery of life, and one who trys to make sense of life experiences by looking at them as lessons to grow from.

In that light, I share with you what has worked for me, to help me shift to living (more moments than not) in the space of abundance. Join me in conversation and ideas. Please.

So, here are some behaviors I practice that allow me to stay for longer periods in this sacred space.

(1) I believe all that happens to me is the Universe’s way of propelling me toward my highest good (even the painful things) and it is not until I am “through” something…that I can look backwards, connect the dots and actually see the sequences and purpose of what unfolded. In looking back, I see how a life event “moved” me toward a vision I have been holding. Noticing this gives me an experience that I am being supported by the Universe. Make sense?

(2) This year, I started to make decisions and take action on those decisions from a “gut level,” rather than a cognitive “head” level. My gut doesn’t care about the approval of others. It cares about what is best for me. Honoring my “gut” helps me to say “No” to things, rather than say “Yes, with a resentful heart. Saying “No” with an open heart, brings me the experience of abundance…because I carefully choose what is in my life and what is not invited in at any given moment. How do you choose?

(3) I have Type “A” tendencies, and used to, book clients and appointments back to back. This was insane and a set up for exhaustion and depletion, which is part of what “scarcity and deprivation” energy is all about…creating experiences with TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY…where there isn’t “enough.” Now, I create spaces between appointments so I have time to go to the bathroom, drink water, take a few breaths of fresh air and enjoy a few minutes petting my dogs before going on to another appointment commitment.

(4) In honoring my energy, I work on eating foods that give me fuel rather than deplete me. I choose relationships where there is a balance between “giving and receiving.” I allow relationships to dwindle where I perceive there are gross imbalances and where I feel I am constantly giving. I work on this stuff in an ongoing way.

(5) With money, I spend wisely. I ask myself if what I am spending is bringing me the amount of fulfillment in relation to the time I spent earning that money. If it doesn’t, I don’t make the purchase.

These are some of the ways I bring the energy of abundance into my life, some of the practices that support the state of “enough” for me. I am interested in hearing what works for you.

The more we can talk about this, the more we support one another in being in this state of “enough” in all life areas. Who knows, living in this state in many ways is an economy of our time, energy and money…and instead of spending more (in time, energy and money)…we can conserve and build up our reserves in all three of these areas.

What are your thoughts?

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