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I believe in miracles and I believe they happen each day  to every one of us, if we stay conscious and present to what is happening around us. In this season of love, I want to share a personal story of a miracle that happened to me, on an ordinary day.

Upon wakening, I felt exhausted. I began noticing irritants while showering. I was out of hair conditioner, my new toothbrush’s bristles were too rough on my teeth, my favorite soap was a sliver of a bar.

My car was running on fumes (just like its owner). I was worried about a friend who was in the hospital and I couldn’t shake “worry thoughts” out of my mind. To boot, I had a full day of appointments that were long overdue and I stuffed them all into one day (not recommended). At the end of the day I had my annual physical, mammogram and blood tests all done.

Once I got home, the dishwasher broke, the oven wouldn’t heat on it’s regular “bake” setting, and one of our dogs wasn’t looking like he felt so good.

At one point in my day, I started crying and praying at the same time. I wanted this day to be over. The heaviness from what I was carrying around mentally and the negativity I was swirling in was too much for me. My nervous system was on overload and I don’t do so well living in that space anymore.

I began thinking about how I could shake this heaviness off of me and what came to mind was to take a long walk. It was cold outside and dark. It was the kind of night that called to a roaring fire, a good book and a down comforter.

Yet, I knew my body and mind could benefit from physical movement. Moving my body has always helped me shift negative energy out of my space.

So, bundled up, off I went. Me and the dogs (them with a wag in their tail). The air was crisp and a couple of inhales and exhales made the little celia in my lungs stand up and take notice. The cold air made me feel alive. I could see my breath (a sign I was indeed alive in spite of how I felt).

Movement, breath, wagging dog tails, and mesmerized by the outdoor holiday lights in my neighborhood began to shift my mood. I started to feel more grounded. I began thinking I needed to release worry energy (I come by it naturally) and have faith that my friend in the hospital would be OK and that tomorrow would be a new day.

As I picked up my pace (now in a dark canyon), a woman’s voice out of no-where said, “hello honey.” I jumped and was startled. I didn’t readily see her. She was on the side of the road, approached me and said, “I bet you had a hard day, how about you take this boquet I just picked (it was 10pm at night) and take it home and enjoy it. These are angels trumpets, a night shade flower and they have a beautiful fragrance. Just don’t eat them because they are hallucinogenic.”

Once I accepted them, she was gone. You can see how beautiful they are from my iphone photo above.

In the dark night, out of the blue, I came home with a boquet of angel trumpets whose fragrance graced my home for about 3 days. I took this as a sign that my prayers had been heard and it was a beautiful way to end a day. I slept well that night.

I am sharing this with you because this experience touched my heart in a deep way. I’ve never been given flowers by a stranger on a dark street while walking my dogs and releasing negativity. These flowers were a sign of hope and the experience felt other worldly.

Why am I sharing this on a financial blog? Because little moments like these are miracles of abundance. I have them in my life and so do you. All we have to do is be awake to appreciate them. This miracle shifted me to  a space of grace and gratitude (very different from the space I’d been in all day long).

Here’s to all of us, staying more present to the magic of love in all its forms. Happiest of holidays.

11 thoughts on “IN THE DARK OF NIGHT”

  1. I love this piece.. so evocative and beautiful from the stress and various “irritants” to the crispness and relief of the night air. Your beautiful spirit called in a real-life angel.. angels trumpets.. this is like one of those holiday stories that everyone loves.. Your faith is a beautiful thing and so glad you shared this little miracle story, Denise.
    Love to you ..

  2. Lisa, thank you! When telling you this story in one of our private conversations, and you said, “you should write a post on that,” well…lets just say THANKS for your encouragement! I so appreciate the blessing you are in my life. XX

  3. I wonder if flowers from a stranger are a special form of blessing…

    years ago, not long after a breakup, I was walking across the Boston Public Garden, feeling crummy and generally unloveable. A cute guy came up to me, handed me a market bouquet, and before I could say much, he was walking away, looking over his shoulder and saying something like, ‘you’re so cute, I just wanted to give you these!’ and then he was gone.

    That had to be at least 20 years ago, but I still remember it.

    And your writing just keeps getting better and better… this piece is particularly lovely. ciao bella & xoxo!

    1. Di, thanks for your post…maybe flowers are a special form of blessing… our stories are similar in a “feeling” kind of way. Maybe it is the Universe’s way of offering a soothing balm and bringing us back to our essence…and thank you dear former writing coach for your compliment! You helped me find my writing voice and for that, you will always have a special place in my heart!

  4. What a glorious story! Indeed, you were touched by an angel and I was very moved by your willingness to share it with us. Our world, our lives, are so vulnerable right now. This story helps me to feel anchored once again. Thank you so much.

    in grace, Ilene

    1. Dear Ilene, so glad this story helped. When in the “dark night,” it truly helps to know the light of hope remains present, which sometimes can be felt before it is seen. Love and grace to you always, Denise

  5. Dear Diane,

    This is a beautiful blessing. I can relate to almost everything you shared (except for the particulars of your little miracle)and it is just what I needed…right now. Your writing is a gift and I really appreciate it.

    Blessed Holidays to you and your family.

    Trish Mairet

  6. Denise,

    What a wonderful story. It seems significant to me that you decided to do what you could to be proactive (release negativity, get exercise, hang out with dogs who are such good helpers in both of those areas). At that point, a beautiful resource came to you like a blessing. What a wonderful reminder that help so often comes when we’ve found the strength and resolve to help ourselves.

    I always get a real boost from your stories and posts, but this one is special.

    Best wishes for the New Year–Peggy

    1. Thank you Peggy for your kind words…may blessings abound in your New Year! I appreciate what you say about “strength” and “resolve.” Things to begin to shift when we take action on our behalf! Thank you!

  7. Thanks Aunt Lois! Glad this story gave you encouragement…I love the magic of it. Wishing you a wonderful holiday. Tons of love!

  8. What a great story! Isn’t it just like being romanced – like being pursued. And who else knows your favourite place to be when you’re feeling down, and knows your needs and desires? It takes someone who loves you deeply.

    God really loves you deeply. Thanks for sharing that.

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