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Does This Sound Familiar? Any of It?

Your unopened bills are overflowing on your dining room table. Pink colored notices and 15 day shut off warnings are coming in. Tension is brewing.

You can’t seem to locate your checkbook, although you know it is somewhere in the house. Your manual checkbook register has scattered entries and is no longer reliable with an updated balance.

Receipts and old statements (from over three years ago) are piled up because you aren’t sure what to throw out and what to keep.

Money has fallen out of your wallet and is scattered all over your purse. When you open your car door, crumpled up dollar bills are in the cup holders, on the passenger seat and a couple have fallen on the floor.

The desk you pay your bills at has used food wrappers, crumbs and lots of dust balls. You can’t see the surface.

You can’t remember which of your five checking accounts has available money for spending. The bank teller knows you by name from calling frequently to check how much money is in your account. You are racking up debt using your credit card, only because you aren’t sure how much money is in your checking account to pay for every day expenses.

Silent scream!

OK, maybe this isn’t exactly your picture, but you get the idea. Disorganization, uncleanliness, vagueness, overwhelm, disrepect, and stagnant energy all live under the roof of “clutter.”


  • is a heavy draining energy, show stopper, clogger upper, big boulder in your way
  • prevents flow and life force from circulating in your life/money
  • slows things to a snail’s pace
  • non-productivity is its friend
  • keeps you “in your place” in an imprisoned kind of way
  • vibrates at the same energy as deprivation does
  • keeps you in a place of “I don’t know,” (guess how much vagueness costs?)
  • robs you of creativity, inspiration and brilliant ideas

MONEY LIKES (and this stuff helps it flow):

  • respect
  • systems allowing it to be received fully
  • structure
  • clarity
  • order
  • cleanliness
  • a boss to tell it where to flow and go


√ Pay your bills on time. Otherwise, you break an agreement of integrity for a service you were already provided. Late payments drain your account (and your self-worth) with late fees and you jeopardize emotional capital with your providers. When you don’t give per your agreement, you stop flow coming back into you.

√ Get a big enough wallet to hold your plastic, cash, coins, checkbook and register all in their own respective compartments. Money likes it when you give it an actual physical space to live that is all its own. This is a behavior of respect!

√ Create a special area in your home where you pay bills and manage money. It can be small, clean and supplied with a pen, post its, stamps, calculator, writing pad. Zen is good.

√ Invest in a good shredder and do it daily, just like flossing!

√ Money flows best when you tell it where it needs to go and when you set priorities for it. It needs a Cash Flow plan that allows you to track and analyze your expenses and income…to create the greatest conscious flow possible.

√ Create a file folder for each of your current bank / investment statements and all financial papers. Label each folder and place in a file drawer, banker’s box or portable designer carry case. Dare to locate important papers in less than five minutes when the need arises. Snap and there it is!

√ Clean up unfinished broken money agreements. Any unfinished act of in-completion is a heavy burden to carry. It stops money from flowing into you.

√ Have one bank account for personal and one for business. Clean up the clutter of old un-used accounts and multiple accounts. They breed stagnant energy. Consolidate.

√ Clean out mental clutter that blocks flow. Call this scarcity thinking, “I’m not worthy” of and all your limiting scripts that prevent you from “receiving.”

√ Befriend money. It likes being in relationship with you. It likes to have a weekly date with you. Even though its voice is silent, it speaks to you visually through spreadsheets…and you don’t need to wash those sheets!

P.S Line all of your dollar bills up (in your wallet) so the President’s face is facing you. That way when you give the bills away, they know who to come back to.

P.S.S. The same stuff that clogs up your finances clogs up your human relationships.

Do you have any ideas on sustaining “flow” in your financial life? Tell me your ideas, would love to hear about them.

6 thoughts on “CLUTTER BLOCKS MONEY”

  1. Denise- Love the part with the Presidential faces looking out at me from the wallet.. haven’t heard that before. Thanks for so many beautiful ways to love and repair the relationship with money. These are so useful and bring the energy in, in ways that are appealing and fresh and inspiring… I know that motivates me more than typical financial advice.

    Great article on ever level, loved it.

    Love and Blessings,

    Intuitive Psychotherapist
    Simple Sacred Solutions to Living Beautifully In Our Bodies

  2. Thanks Lisa, these ideas are energy shifts to get the flow going. Greg, money could come floating in…in a couple of ways…maybe through a garage sale and maybe clearing out stuff…will allow creative energy to enter. Creative energy spurs ideas. Ideas can bring in money. Thoughts?

  3. Great post, Denise! I love the practical pointers, many of which were new for me. I’ve followed that advice about the presidential faces since I was a teenager working at Camelot Music. My boss told me that’s how he wanted the cash register organized and how he wanted us to give change to customers — so the money would know where to come back to! I’ve not heard that again until your post!

    I also really like the weekly date with money! Great tip.

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