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Molly Hastings Mazella

I was in transition, newly retired, newly re-married + had overwhelming anxiety about money. All the time. I worried about money at the beginning of the month. During the month. And at the end of the month.

I never felt I had enough, even though I have a decent portfolio. I scrimped and worried. I wanted to contribute to my new life + didn’t know how much I needed to live on, how much to share + I was scared to look at it all. Big gulp, big breath, lots of tears. My journey with Denise has been transformative. With great compassion, tenderness + humor, the roots of my anxiety was uncovered + understood. I shifted from overwhelming anxiety, sleepless nights, and constant stress to a place of peace, control, confidence and now me + money are pretty good friends. I rarely worry about money anymore. I have enough in my life, money + love + so much more. All this happened over 6 sessions with Denise. I wouldn’t have believed this shift was possible for me, if I didn’t experience it firsthand.”

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