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Jill Sheldon & Dakota Stone

Before we started working with Denise, our money lives were separate and pretty fraught with tension. We were raised with different attitudes about money. Both of us had a fair amount of shame and we thought we’d never be able to “share” money in a way that felt like we were really together. In working with Denise, the top three things that brought us together around money was 1) Denise’s skillful questions of inquiry, gentle reflections and guidance in helping us to have necessary conversations. This helped us open up about our fears and needs. 2) As we became more open with one another around money, it helped the rest of our relationship improve too and we finally got legally married. 3) We are in a place we’ve never imagined, sharing finances, working with a system and using each of our strengths in service of our financial health! We’ve paid down $10,000 in credit card debt and we are not adding to it. We have a spending plan and stick to it without feeling constrained!”

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