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Have you ever wondered what the cost is to not being on the same page with your partner financially? In my own marriage, it not only cost us actual dollars…we paid quite a sum for the wedge our differing money attitudes created in our relationship.

There was added stress about the practical worries of living paycheck to paycheck, growing credit card debt, not being able to save money and knowing this path we were on could not sustain us for the long-term.

I wish we would have reached out for help sooner rather than later (it’s a life lesson for me to ask for help) because we could have saved ourselves and our relationship un-necessary stress. Live and learn!

I want to share with you a brain dump I put together of the true cost of money conflicts. See if you relate to any of these. Would love to hear your feedback.


  1. Feeling out of control financially
  2. Heavy burden and loss of freedom from credit card debt
  3. Pressure to work more to earn more
  4. Stressful communication dynamics and tension
  5. Fear and insecurity about the future
  6. Stress related health problems
  7. Emotional and spiritual depletion
  8. Worry and financial pre-occupation
  9. Lost dreams and and unrealized goals from not working together as a team
  10. Despair, hopelessness, grief over lost dreams

The cost of money conflicts is a price beyond measure. I know, I experienced every one of these symptoms until my husband and I opened ourselves to help that turned our lives around. One of my favorite quotes is from Anais Nin. She says, ” And the day came when the pain to remain the same was greater than the risk to change.”

It is important for you to know that most likely, deep down, you both want the same thing. What keeps you from being on the same page? Is it lack of a common vision? An inability to communicate in an effective solution-focused way?  Lack of clarity about your numbers? Challenges preventing you from creating time and space to manage your finances? Living in blind-spots of limiting money beliefs? What is it for you that is creating money conflicts?

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