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I Say Money Vows, He Says Money Agreements

An up close and personal view of our money "agreements." We take marriage vows, why not money vows? It is healthy for couple's to have conversation about money agreements. Agreements help us to work as a team, stay on the same page with money and live life in alignment with our values.

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Using EFT to Tap Away Money Blocks with Guest Claire Hayes

Most of us have blocks with money. Our beliefs shape our current day reality with our relationship with money. Claire Hayes helps us to "open our flow" to our relationship with money and teaches us how to tap away our blocks. Tapping is an ancient technique that helps rewire our brain and nervous system to receiving in greater abundance in our lives.

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Spring Cleaning Your Finances in Rhythm With the Seasons

One of the first steps in growing our relationship with our money, is creating space for money in our home. Sometimes this requires creating a space for money, clearing out clutter, and inviting in money...as we would welcome in a friend. This video is an invitation to creating space for money in your home.


A Quickie on My Personal Money Filing System

Your important financial papers need to be at your finger tips. This kind of organization allows you efficiency and can bring your nervous system a sense of control in your life. Here is my personal system. What will you do to create a system that works for you?

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Our Friend, the Spreadsheet

Planning and tracking our resources goes back to cave man and cave woman days. Men hunted, women gathered, and both made sure there was enough food for all the seasons. Planning cash flow is a tool of the wealthy. Planning cash flow allows one to become wealthy, because with planning, we bring higher level thinking and strategy to the canvas of our numbers.



How to Get Out of Revolving Credit Card Debt

This training is about the energy of debt, the psychology of debt and beginning action steps to get out of debt and stay out of credit card debt forever.

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Shifting from a Mindset of Scarcity to a Mindset of Abundance

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The Art of Saving Money

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The Tool of the Pause and How it Can Prevent Overspending

Just because we see something we want, doesn't mean we have to purchase it. As humans, we are more evolved than living in the reactivity of our mid brain. We need to bring our spending to our frontal lobe, where executive thinking lives. Here are some ways to make that happen.


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Creating a Sane December Holiday…High on JOY, CONNECTION + MEANING…Low on Stress + Debt

We can create a holiday experience of our choosing! It is possible. We just have to be aware of old family (often unspoken) rules of how things are supposed to be and how those old rules pull on us emotionally. It is liberating, joyful and fun to create from a conscious intentional space and to gift ourselves and those around us an experience that we desire!


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The Anatomy of a Belief

Beliefs rule our behavior. Many of us live in the blindspot of our limiting money beliefs. Any time we are in money crisis, money drama, where things are not working in our money lives…often, limiting beliefs are present. This training helps us explore our money beliefs and how to release limiting beliefs, so that we can shift from a space of scarcity to abundance.

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