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“ It is a gift to interview each of you ! I so appreciate your stories and your hearts in sharing so openly and deeply!
Thank you for your courage and vulnerability!”

One purpose of these member interviews is so we can get to know one another better, through our stories, through what each woman has been moved to share in her journey with money.

Another purpose of these interviews is to help each of us know, we are not alone in our money journey. While our individual situations may differ, some of our stories have similar themes. These interviews offer our community a collective energy of our experience, strength and hope.

WTF Member Michele WTF Member Rhoda
Michele is an intuitive entrepreneur! She shares her amazing story, and how she grew her business based upon acting on her intuitive "hits!!!" She specializes in essential oils, salts, scrubs and so much more! Plus she couples readings with customized oils! Her divine gifts are powerful!!! She teaches us about earth's sacred medicine while spreading her JOY to this world through her gifts! P.S. WEALTH WTF OIL is created by Michele for our community! Rhoda shares with us her professional expertise in helping us to relax. Rhoda is an acupuncturist and lives on the east coast! Why is relaxing so important? Because stress hormones are like a stun gun to the thinking part of our brain AND we need this part of our brain in our money lives...to make the best decisions on our behalf and set priorities.
WTF Member Dodie WTF Member SusanSwei
Dodie shares with us her heart and her heart break. Her story is one of how heart break, opened her, to sharing with the world one of her divine gifts, her "special sacred art!" Dodie also shares how "she goes inside" and feels her way forward...in the way she wants to tell people about her art and how she wants to put it out into the world in a non-traditional way. Susan talks about starting her 2nd business "Keepuzzle." Her first business is "Tomorrow Bread." Susan speaks about the values important to her heart, that she infuses into the unfolding of her businesses and her next steps as an entrepreneur!
WTF Member Helen WTF Member Interview with Karol
Helen shares with us how the pattern of financial co-dependency, wrecked havoc to her money life. This is a story of a BEFORE and AFTER transformation. In just 6 months of Helen working on her money life, she became "aware," of her blindspot and made significant changes that changed both her life and her bank accounts. Karol shares intimately the effect covid has had on her and her family's personal and business finances. She shares from her heart, about the hard conversations needed to realign priorities and to make thoughtful decisions for the greater good.
WTF Katie Eisman
Katie shares with us how her Italian upbringing in San Francisco shaped her money life values. She shares how she is learning that taking care of herself is not an act of selfishness, it is an act of self love! PLUS how she is releasing the energy of "betrayal"as part of her money story!