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Guided Imagery

Future Self Guided Visualization

Research shows, one reason we have a hard time “saving” money is that our brains have a hard time envisioning our future selves. When we think about our future selves,  the same part of our brain lights up…as when we think of a stranger. This means we  have a hard time connecting emotionally with our future selves.

One way to close this gap is to use imagery. When we apply our imagination, our brain isn’t able to tell what is imagined from what is real. This particular imagery is to support, bridge and connect our current selves with our future selves, so that we may make better choices on our behalf now…as well as our future.

Seeds of Thought Visualization

All of our dreams begin with seeds of thought. Our thoughts begin to “seed” our imagination. We begin to hold mental imagery space in our hearts, body, mind and spirits, for our dreams. Before our dreams can be realized in the physical plane, they must be imagined in the mental plane. I hope you enjoy this song “What Seeds Are You Planting,” by Michael West-Bourke, musician.