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How can I use the WTF community?

  1. Women Talking Finances can be used as a brain training gym, a place open to you 24/7, ready at any time to support you in creating new neural pathway muscles for an abundant life. And like any gym, you won't be alone. Our gym is filled with like-minded women, committed to building the same abundance and wealth circuitry as you.
  2. Women Talking Finances can be used as a cardio workout, a practice that allows you the space and support necessary to talk about whatever money concerns are heavy on your heart (using our private, just you and me, 1:1, heart to heart talks), where we focus on your most pressing need at that time.
  3. Women Talking Finances can be used as an urgent care, where you can find powerful remedies for cash hemorrhaging, savings on life support, money fog blindness, and other maladies effecting one’s relationship with money
  4. Women Talking Finances can be used as a daily multi vitamin, daily dosing of inspiration and self reflection to keep your relationship with money healthy, vibrant, conscious and in BFF status
  5. Women Talking Finances can be used as your own personal acupuncturist, releasing specific and personal money energy blockages and letting your money chi flow in all your chakras
  6. Women Talking Finances can be used as a gathering place, where women all over the world meet, and share our sameness, share our struggles, and support each other in rising to our highest potential.

What can I expect as a WTF member?

  1. You can expect to better your relationship with money in fun, reflective, engaging ways. Within the walls of WTF, we work to banish boredom, fear and anxiety around your relationship with money.
  2.  You can expect a variety of multimedia tools.   You are offered journal prompts, trainings that produce ah-hah insights, a curated community of like-minded women and a safe sacred space to process your ever-growing relationship with money.
  3.  You can expect my whole heart, my whole mind and all of my being to support you!
  4. You can expect a shift in your finances… starting FIRST with how (and how often) you see them… and then, because what you focus on, expands, expect to see a shift in what you see, how much you earn, and how much you keep.

What do I get as a WTF member?

  1. A community that helps you step into your power around money…helping you to grow your ASKing muscle, your CONFIDENCE, and your ability to SHOW UP in your own life with greater knowledge, understanding and mastery when it comes to your relationship with money.
  2.  Tools that help you to do the inner work that creates outer results in your money life…this means mindset shifts, creating practices and daily habits with money…that support you stepping into your desired outcomes…such as greater savings, more awareness, clarity, sound strategy, peace of mind…things of this nature.
  3.  Custom support is available to you. You have 1:1 access to me. You have 24/7 access to our community. You choose the level of support you need and what is comfortable for you, and then step into the level you desire.

Is there a refund policy once I commit?

No, there is not a refund policy. Once you commit, you commit. Fear often shows itself along the way…and when we get into the space of fear, we often want to opt out. Fear makes us also not show up for ourselves. This membership is 100% about showing up for yourself. If you have thoughts of opting out…an inquiry of invitation for you is this…"Why am I feeling this way and what do I need to ask for?" Your part is then to ASK me for what you need that you aren’t receiving, so I can better serve you.

What is required from me to be a part of this membership?

Your desired level of engagement. When you show up for yourself, you reap more harvest.

What else do you need to know...to say "Yes" to WTF?

Message me at denisehughes@comcast.net or text me at 650-703-1604

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