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Women Talking Finances

This is a membership to help you stay awake, aware and conscious with money…so you can experience peace of mind, control and the feeling of “enough” in your life.

We Will
  • have conversations in plain English about money
    that we can all understand at a deeper level to change our money behaviors
  • heal ANY shame or guilt over money that you may experience…around how much is earned, how money is spent and how it is saved
  • create practices and rituals that usher in the energy of peace and control with your relationship with money
  • jiggle wiggle up your current money mindset and explore ways to constantly reframe and up level your relationship with money
  • extend the qualities of healthy friendship to money (compassion, curiosity, understanding, respect, and connection) and make this one of our best, most rewarding relationships
Women Talking Finances

WTF Manifesto

We Are A Community of sisters who Rise Together

We do not judge • We support and encourage • We find gratitude and appreciation in ordinary moments of everyday life • We honor our past while creating our future • We are intolerant of self criticism • We ask for what we want and need • We take personal responsibility for creating the money life we desire • We radiate self love, self acceptance, and confidence • We practice kindness and gentleness • We create a sacred space in our lives for money • We understand that true security rests in our ability to solve life’s challenges • We allow money to be the blood flow that nourishes our deepest values and our heart’s desires • We take action on our behalf • We value the qualities of curiosity, compassion and understanding • We rise together • We re-write the stories of lack in our psyches, into stories of sufficiency and abundance • We cellularly understand what money can and cannot buy • We believe that saving money is an act of self love • We dig deep to discover and overcome all the emotional blocks to freedom, sufficiency, and all forms of abundance • We use humor and forgiveness when our words and actions are incongruent, to get back in alignment with our highest selves • We earn to our potential • We spend well and wisely • We give generously • We receive fully

Monthly Promises to You, Supporting You, and Becoming Money BFF’s

  • Monthly laser focused 1:1 coaching calls
  • Weekly journal prompts of inquiry and planning, supporting you in finding your own way in this relationship with money, that not only feels right to you, but fully supports your financial goals.
  • Sunday blessings…a poem, blessing or reading of hope to help you know you are held in this sacred community on your evolving journey
  • Doses of inspiration, humor, lightness, and fun along the way, because our relationship with money doesn’t have to be “heavy”
  • Surprises, gifts, and unexpected opportunities of fun to go deeper with me, our community, and your relationship with money
  • Deep Dive Trainings that will meet you at the intersection of financial literacy and self discovery, because one size absolutely does not fit all
  • Access to critical resources (plan templates, examples, conversation starters, etc) to help you on your path

Still have more questions?

Read the WTF FAQs page

A Hand Written Letter, From my heart to yours to the WTF Sisterhood

Dear Sister,
I invite you to trade money stress for peace of mind
not alone of course
with your sisters
we are more alike than we are different
we come to this relationship with money
often with the same energy we come to a dating relationship gone bad
we want to avoid, hang out to dry, kick out the door, say sayonara
and here is the thing
we know how to do relationships the best
we are masters at it actually
we are daughters, mothers, partners, sisters, friends
we know how to make relationships work
and believe it or not
money is a relationship too…although not a human one
and it is a primary relationship
we are with it every day, through all of life’s transitions
through celebrations, deaths, divorces and all of life
so why not make this relationship a great friendship
it’s about applying the relationship tools you already have to this
canvas called money
because who needs more stress
not us…
are you ready to trade worry,
headaches, knots in the stomach, fear of there not going to be enough,
and sleepless nights,
for peace of mind with money
-XO Denise

I know that women join “memberships” for all sorts of things. Dating sites, AAA for roadside assistance, travel sites, skin care and hair care memberships, discount stores such as BJ’s or SAMS Club, and business memberships such as the Chamber of Commerce or BNI. This is a membership for women who are willing to invest in deliberately designing their life and managing their money.

Money can be a thief of joy and peace OR a source of empowerment, calm and confidence. You choose.

You are invited to join the sisterhood of WTF - Women Talking Finances, a community of sisters who rise together.

Your Annual Membership costs $408.

You'll Get

Monthly 1:1 laser focused coaching calls to help you fine tune your money life
Journal prompts for processing blind spots
Monthly deep dive trainings (neuro-psychology of money), because what you know matters
Daily invitations for you to engage, share, post in a loving supportive community without shame or judgement
Surprises and gifts of fun that encourage you to bring humor, lightness and love to this relationship with money
NEW! Women. Money. Power. Own It. A self-paced course designed to shatter your internal earning ceiling and equip you to stand in your full earning power.

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