Neuroscience Of Wealth (NOW!)


An innovative self-paced course to harness the power of your brain
and build a life of wealth, freedom and peace.

Neuroscience Of Wealth (NOW!)

Neuroscience of wealth


Our brain is our organ of behavior, in the human body.
One of the most powerful ways to change our money lives for the better,
is to understand our brain, and how we can optimize our brain.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful, to stop sabotaging money behaviors, so we are in alignment with our highest intentions?
How would your life be different if you released negative and paralyzing thoughts, distancing you from your relationship with money?
What if, you better understood your brain, so that you could hijack impulsive, compulsive, unchecked emotional knee jerk money decisions?
Would you welcome the experience of enoughness in your life, regardless of the amount in your bank account?
Are you ready to rewire your brain (YES YOU CAN!) and awaken to fresh ideas and practice new patterns of behavior with money?
Are you ready to accept the invitation to befriend money and have her as one of your BFF’s?
Are you ready to build a life by design, of wealth, freedom and peace?
Walk with me in this self paced study on the NEUROSCIENCE OF WEALTH.
I will be at your side.
I will support you all the way.
I got you! I am here with you AND I want the best for you!
Harness the power of your brain and build a life of wealth, freedom and peace!

Neuroscience Of Wealth Modules

Watch: The Neuroscience of Wealth Introduction

I bring you this self paced study, with joy in my heart! Dig in! I want you to understand how our brain influences our money lives! This knowledge will support you in creating a solid foundation of well-being in your life with money.

Watch: Our brain is our organ of behavior, in the human body. It is important to have a basic understanding of the conditions our brain needs to thrive, so we may bring our best brain to our money lives.

Watch: This video explains the nature of our emotional brain in making money decisions.

Watch: This video explains the nature of our thinking brain in making money decisions.

Download and Read: This pdf supports us in making holistic money decisions, taking into consideration the nature of both our emotional and thinking brain.

Watch: Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our actions. Our actions become our habits. Our habits create consequences in our money lives. This video encourages positive money self talk in order to create a foundation of wealth in our lives, from the inside out. Our bank accounts are a mirror for us, reflecting back to us the behavioral habits we bring to our relationship with money.

This pdf supports you in creating positive thoughts about money, to replace any negative thoughts you have circling in your head!

Download and Read: Loving Mantra for our Money Lives

Money Mantra

Watch: This video shows us what re-wiring our brain looks like, with brain imaging. As we repeat new ways of thinking about money, accompanied with new behaviors we practice with money...we create routines...which turn into automatic habits with money. As our behavior changes, so do the neural connections in our brain. Our neural wiring grows in size, branches from the cell body connect with other cell bodies, this “wiring” then grows in strength, resiliency, and it is how initial, intentional behavior turns into automatic habits with money. What behaviors with money are you willing to practice in your own life, in order to turn these into positive automatic habits?

Watch: When we are under stress, the chemicals of cortisol and adrenaline circulate in our body and brain. These chemicals influence our ability to access our highest levels of thinking when it comes to making money decisions. Listen and watch how these chemicals influence the thinking part of our brain and how to reboot our thinking brain, to get it back online.

Download and Read: This Money Self Inventory, will help you to identify areas of your money life that are causing you stress in your life.

Watch: How Do Regularly Scheduled Money Dates Affect Our Brain and Partnerships?

Download and Read: What Is A Money Date?

Money Mantra

Download and Read: Creating Sacred Space In Your Home For Money

Money Mantra

Watch: This video shows us through a brain scan WHY it is so hard to save for our future selves and how we can overcome this challenge.

Watch: This experiment at Stanford University shows how participants doubled the amount of money, they were initially saving toward their retirement.

Download and Read: Harvard Business Review: You Make Better Decisions If You “See” Your Senior Self.

Future Self Guided Visualization: Research shows, one reason we have a hard time “saving” money is that our brains have a hard time envisioning our future selves. When we think about our future selves, the same part of our brain lights up…as when we think of a stranger. This means we have a hard time connecting emotionally with our future selves.

One way to close this gap is to use imagery. Imagery builds new neural pathways toward behavioral change. What we can imagine, we can create!

When we apply our imagination, our brain isn’t able to tell what is imagined from what is real. This particular imagery is to support, bridge and connect our current selves with our future selves, so that we may make better choices on our behalf now…as well as our future. Enjoy getting to know your future self through this guided imagery!

Watch: A daily practice of gratitude, creates new neural pathways and will change our brain. Gratitude practiced regularly supports us in experiencing life from a "glass half full" perspective, increases our life satisfaction, and affects our bank account in a positive way as well! GRATITUDE IS A WEALTH ACTIVATOR!

This exercise is one way we can practice gratitude in our life. Another gratitude practice can consist of journaling about 3 appreciations, experienced daily. Self inquiry, at the end our day works well too, asking ourselves, “what was the best part of my day?” Please explore a gratitude practice that feels right to you in your life + stick with it!

Download and Read:   10 Finger Gratitude Practice

Watch: Deep in the emotional brain (midbrain), lives the nucleus accumbens and the insula. One is a pleasure center, one a pain center. Depending on which one lights up in our brain, influences how we make spending decisions. See where you are on the Tightwad - Spendthrift Scale, and bring greater awareness to how you make purchasing decisions.

Download and Read: Are You a Tightwad or a Spendthrift? And What Does This Mean for Retailers?

Download and Complete: Which part of your brain lights up when you make purchasing decisions?

Download and Read: A Non-Emotional Spending Algorithm helping us when to say “yes” to an expense and when to say “no" to an expense.

Watch: When we reach out to other like minded women in a loving community, our nervous system applauds us! Our brain is wired for heart based connections and rewards our entire nervous system! Watch this to find out how!

Download and Read:  The Benefits of Sisterhood

The Benefits of Sisterhood

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