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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein

Are you ready to create a new relationship with money in your life?

I invite you to give yourself the gift of financial empowerment by signing up for personal financial coaching with me. When you take charge of your money, you really do take charge of your life!

I’ve been coaching people for two decades. It fills my heart and spirit to witness another stepping (with both feet) into their financial power.

I’ve developed a unique process that addresses your core money issues and creates lasting change. We focus on achieving your specific financial goals and I offer customized support to you all along the way.

Coaching Philosophy

In my heart, I hold for you, the qualities of hope and the belief in what is possible. One of my greatest gifts is holding sacred space for your financial transformation while providing fun and inspiration along the way! Sacred space is a space of hope and possibility filled with understanding and compassion (there is no room in this process for judging and shaming).

Our work is on closing the gap between where you currently are (what’s keeping you stuck) and where you want to be in your life financially. I shine light on areas keeping you from the success you desire deep down.

Together, we move through obstacles, have fun creating new mindset shifts, and this inner work will create a new outward picture for you.

Our Work is a Combination of…

The Practical… The nuts and bolts of how to create financial clarity and financial literacy in your life along with financial tools that allow you to know exactly how money flows in your life.

The Psychological… Your psychological portfolio (beliefs, emotions, mind-sets) creates your financial portfolio (savings, debt, wealth). We work on creating congruency and integrity between the two.

The Spiritual… Our true needs and happiness aren’t funded by money. They are funded by connection, love, and freedom. We examine how your dollars nourish your deepest desires and tap into the true prosperity that already lives inside of you (it’s just sometimes hidden).

Coaching Process

I believe in a coaching process that creates lasting permanent change (which is more cost effective) rather than a temporary instant band-aid fix. Your financial situation most likely didn’t get created over-night and it is important for you to know that it won’t change overnight. I am not a “quick-fix” coach.

Because it takes time to change behaviors (ways of thinking and habits of doing) I see my clients usually between 6 months to one year in length. In the beginning of our coaching relationship, our sessions are usually twice a month. Once you are well on your way (which usually happens in 3-4 months), we decrease sessions to once a month. Together, we evaluate session frequency in an ongoing way. I want to make sure you have the support you need to create lasting change and experience success.

Why Choose Me As Your Coach?

My Clients Describe My Coaching Style

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What are the benefits you will receive?

Befriending your elephant in the room named money…which has the potential to bring forth for you the qualities of peace, control, freedom and your unique definition of financial success.
Your financial transformation is “core work,” and so don’t be surprised when when this work, brings luminosity to more than your money life.

– XO Denise

Next Steps…

If your next step is an action step to move forward in changing your financial picture, I welcome working with you.

Step 1

Please complete the coaching application below. I want to make sure your need matches with the services I offer.

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Step 2

Once your coaching application has been accepted and you have had your initial phone interview with Denise….

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