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About Denise

Thinking Out Loud Thoughts With You

The modern day challenge is right-sizing your life, fitting together the pieces of your money and life in a way that brings you peace, control, freedom, sanity and happiness.
Integrating your money and your life can be complex. It requires reflective thought, examination of your deepest values, breaking through emotional scripts and practicing mature financial behaviors.

When we bring the right skill set and mature money behaviors to our financial lives, we change our course of direction.

When you take charge of your money, you take charge of your life choices. If you have the willingness to change your money life, together we will find a way.

My Approach

Kind, Compassionate, Loving, Honest, Direct, Fun

I work at the intersection of money, heart and soul. I value conversations where we dig deep to uncover the scripts preventing you from fully standing in your financial power and in exploring what really matters most to you in your life (so your money can fund this)…this is where true fulfillment lives. Our work is not just about the numbers and you don’t have to be good at math (that’s what calculators are for). It’s more along these lines.

Our struggles early on. We shared our pain and our progress on TV, to offer hope to others who may have the same struggles we did.

Our Personal Money Story

Our marriage almost ended in divorce because my husband and I constantly argued about money, even though we had a great combined income. He was a spender, I was a saver. When it came to money we were “oil and water.” We just couldn’t seem to get on the same page or even have a rational conversation about our finances. We had the same arguments over and over. Same dance, different day. We lacked financial communication skills and the know how to make our cash flow work.

The result was growing debt, living paycheck to paycheck and worst of all we were becoming increasingly emotionally distant from one another. It’s a place of pain I never want to revisit. The arguments and living in financial crisis took its toll on many levels. So, we sought out help and support to move through the money conflicts in our lives. Through that process, we started to understand our financial blind-spots, and why we had differing attitudes about money.

I want you to know that turning your money picture around doesn’t have to do with intelligence (I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and my husband a MBA). Transforming your financial picture has to do with shifts and learning in three areas. Those areas are the practical (money management skills and tools), the emotional (limiting beliefs and blocks to money) and the spiritual (understanding that true prosperity is already within you and how to tap into that place). Today, my husband and I live a life of financial peace and freedom. We work as a well oiled team toward our goals.

Today, we plan our spending each month and stick to our plan. We have ongoing conversations about what our priorities are, they change from time to time. We negotiate and compromise on things, because we don’t always have the same viewpoint. We live below our means so that we don’t go into debt. And we enjoy watching our investment money grow, especially since we came to the savings / investment party a bit late.

10 things you may not know about me

  • I am a registered nurse in the state of California. Areas of specialty are in cardiac and behavioral health. Couple that with my Masters degree in Psychology, Certification in Finance, and you will have a clue why my favorite conversations are connecting the dots between heart, head and pocketbook!
  • My brain has a gift for “seeing” patterns easily… I love exploring the patterns that are keeping you stuck…so we can shift to creating new patterns that enable you to experience a life of financial well-being.
  • I live with my wonderful husband and two dogs. One of our favorite things to do as a pack is to take coastal walks.
  • Gardening and getting my hands in the dirt is therapy for me. I love to watch things grow, especially my tomato plants.
  • I believe in a higher form of life energy, sometimes called God, the Universe or Source energy.
  • One of my heart’s greatest joys is seeing my clients experience shifts and “ah-hah” moments, while stepping into a new way of being with money!
  • Hiking in nature, absorbing in the beauty all around me, learning the names of plants, and identifying the songs of birds gives me a natural high.
  • One of my favorite movies is Under The Tuscan Sun.
  • I love to travel and experience new places and learn about different cultures.
  • I grew up on a dairy farm in Southwestern Pennsylvania. My grandmother taught me how to bake farm fresh bread and my grandfather taught me how to milk cows. I woke up each morning to the cows moo-ing and the roosters crowing.

Things that bring me joy

I like the simple things in life. A good marriage, a couple of dogs, a few good friends, work that I love, Cook’s magazine, hiking mountain peaks, new adventures and a great cup of coffee. These are the things that fill me up!


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